About TilemapKit

Tilemap Framework for SpriteKit/Cocos2D

TilemapKit is the first complete hexagonal, staggered & regular isometric and orthogonal TMX tilemap framework for Sprite Kit and Cocos2D-SpriteBuilder.

TilemapKit draws all variations of isometric, hexagonal and orthogonal tilemaps. TilemapKit reads TMX files created with Tiled Map Editor and compatible editors. Creating and modifying maps at runtime is possible. Tile picking and many more convenience features inclusive. TilemapKit comes with dozens of example TMX files, free tilesets and demo projects. Learn more …

  • Hexagon Map, "pointy top" facing upwards (Stagger Y), with 3D tiles
    Hexagon Map, "pointy top" orientation (tiles by Kenney), rendered by TilemapKit

But .. there’s already JSTilemap and CCTiledMap?

Hold that thought. The existing solutions don’t nearly support all features of the wonderful Tiled Map Editor. Not even all map types, not to mention the various “stagger” configurations.

Tilemap support in mobile game engines has not gotten much love ever since the first iPhone and is still riddled with issues. TilemapKit intends to change that once and for all.

In case you’re thinking “draw a couple sprites on a grid, done – what’s the big deal?” know that TilemapKit isn’t just for beginners. Only orthogonal Tilemaps are that trivial, the others require a substantial amount of trigonometry for coordinate conversion, tile picking, and rendering. Plus loading zlib/gzip compressed, base64 encoded TMX files. And a lot more .. you’d be surprised!

TilemapKit will be available summer 2015 for use with either Sprite Kit or Cocos2D-SpriteBuilder. Custom Objective-C engines are also supported, but without the tilemap renderers, ie the classes inheriting from TKNode.


TilemapKit is a project by frustrated tilemap game developers Steffen Itterheim (aka LearnCocos2D, author of Learn Cocos2D and Learn SpriteBuilder) and Marcus Lubczyk.