TilemapKit: Free Demo Available!

The free demo of TilemapKit is now available! It’s a 30 day trial version for evaluation with minimal restrictions: no grid and obstacle graphs plus random “demo” labels and purchase reminders. And no source code.

Please report any issues in the respective support thread, thank you!

TilemapKit Free Trial for SpriteKit

TilemapKit Free Trial for Cocos2D

Watch the TilemapKit Trial in Action


  • Xcode 6.3 or later is required (due to nullability attributes)
  • iOS 8 or later / OS X 10.9 or later (both deployment and development)

Trial Restrictions

  • Only for evaluation (30 days). Not for commercial use.
  • The built-in GameplayKit features (grid & obstacle graph creation) are not available.
  • Randomly draws “demo” labels and purchase reminder messages.
  • No source code.
  • Beta versions of Xcode 7 (iOS 9, OS X 10.11) are not supported. There are several known issues.

Known Issues

  • Compiler warnings: “Umbrella header for module TilemapKit does not include header …”.
    • Just ignore them.
  • Swift compile error:  adding import TilemapKit to a source file may trigger a “No such module: TilemapKit” error, specifically in Mac builds.
    • The TilemapKit framework header is already imported via the Bridging-Header.h file. It is not necessary to add import TilemapKit.
  • Swift 1.2 code in the demo will generate compile errors in Xcode 7 because the code hasn’t been ported to Swift 2.0.



  • Nullability attributes applied throughout the API (Swift user happiness++)
    • Most string properties will now return an empty string rather than nil
    • Several collection properties will return an empty instance rather than nil
  • Added collection type annotations (only available in Xcode 7)
  • Added TKMapNodeDelegate with nodeForObject:objectLayerNode: and updated TKMapNode initialisers with delegate
    • Allows you to create custom nodes for objects on object layers
  • Added assignToObject: method to TKProperties
    • Map, Layer and Object nodes will automatically apply Tiled properties prefixed with “self.” to their nodes
  • Bugfix: objectNamed: always returned nil
  • Bugfix: Object and Image layer properties were not written to TMX
  • No longer necessary to set TK_RENDERER_* flags (already set in TKBuildFlagsOverride.h)
  • A few minor API renames and additions
  • Documentation updates: Map, Layer and Object guides, GameplayKit Graph Creation guide, added several source files for reference, eg TKDemoScene.m
  • Wrote an autobuild app that copies, compiles, and zips the various TilemapKit editions

Differences between v0.88 and v0.76 beta

The most obvious item: performance. It’s roughly between 5-20 times faster, depending on tilemap and device. Layers are now updated concurrently and make use of all available CPU cores.

You can now also write TMX files (zlib compressed or uncompressed) with TKMapWriter. The GameplayKit features, creating grid and obstacle graphs from tile/object layers, are not available in the demo. “Collection of Images” Tilesets are now supported, albeit without texture packing.

What’s missing for v1.0?

There’s a couple things I want to add before calling it a v1.0:

These features might not be all in the first TilemapKit version that goes on sale, but they’ll be added over the coming weeks.

What about purchasing TilemapKit?

Very soon. I’ll let you know. Still working on and testing the shop and invoice systems. :)

The source code version will be available for $79 for Indies, and $199 for Pros (> $100,000 revenue, contract work allowed, priority support).

I decided to not release the binary frameworks for now. I’m afraid it might simply generate too many customers who then will issue many support requests due to not having access to the source code. So first, I’d like to focus on and stabilise one build type (the source code) and maybe at a later time open the customer floodgates (binary frameworks).


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