TilemapKit now available for purchase!

First check-in: March 1st.

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First check-out: September 1st. :)

Yes, this product logo is a dummy.

TilemapKit Store Now Open

Well, not quite, it was September 4th and now, after 6 months of work, TilemapKit (ObjC) is available for purchase! It’s a must-have for any tilemap game developer currently (or soon) working with SpriteKit or Cocos2D (-SpriteBuilder or -ObjC forks).

Please share this post with everyone you know – with no marketing budget I have to rely on you to spread the word.

Next up …

Releasing TilemapKit is one half relieve, and two halves anxiety build-up about what’s coming next. I’ll surely fix any blocking issues right away, be it with TilemapKit itself or with the store. I’ll help you get up and running, and will try to make all the small improvements you suggest right away.

In between I’ll continue to port the model classes of TilemapKit to C++ in preparation for the upcoming Cocos2D-X port (motivate by voting). Also, we’re currently producing a TilemapKit trailer that should be out soon. The existing ones don’t quite cut it anymore …

Get your copy of TilemapKit!

So … go ahead and grab TilemapKit for $75 if you’re an “Indie” developer. Developers with >$100,000 revenue or creating products with TilemapKit furnished for others (aka “contract work”) need to get the $175 “Pro” version that comes with priority support.

Price still above your spending budget? Vote for the binary framework version of TilemapKit without source code (just the headers).


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