TilemapKit is a project by Steffen Itterheim (author of Learn Cocos2D/Learn SpriteBuilder) and Marcus Lubczyk, both former EA game developers with a total of 28+ years of game industry experience. Steffen does the programming and business side while Marcus is designing and making things look good.

Our Tiny Little Office

TilemapKit is a self-funded undertaking that intends to a) ease development of grid-based games and b) hopefully earns us a living so we can eventually release Marcus’ game into the wild.

Regarding a) the goal is to provide a complete, easy to use, supported package that includes more than a sophisticated tilemap renderer. Adding pathfinding, entity component system, statemachines. physics integration as well as ready-made game mechanics with example projects (starterkits) are our long term plans. Plus whatever the users vote on the roadmap.

As for b) that’s really up to you. Besides purchasing TilemapKit (much appreciated!) you can do us a huge favour by sharing TilemapKit on social networks and getting the word out! There ought to be buttons around here that will make that part easy for you. 😉

Steffen and Marcus are also available for hire, though we are restricting our time to projects that TilemapKit is going to benefit from.

You can contact us at: contact (at) tilemapkit.com