Entity Component Systems Shootout: EntityX, Anax, Artemis (C++)

I tried out the three most popular Entity Component Systems (EntityX, Anax, Artemis-Cpp) and am now ready to report how they compare to each other. I will also share some benchmark results obtained simply by…

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How to install Entity Component Systems: Anax, EntityX, Artemis (C++)

I’m currently testing three Entity Component System (ECS) libraries for inclusion in TilemapKit: Anax, EntityX, Artemis (C++). I thought I’ll write down the installation steps for you. Since two of them rely on CMAKE for building they won’t work…

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TilemapKit: what’s next?

The TilemapKit port to C++/Cocos2d-x is mostly complete, with only some fringe features missing. I’m confident that by early November TilemapKit v1.0 will be released. Then what? First things first I’m currently porting the Objective-C (SpriteKit,…

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TilemapKit updated

I just now updated TilemapKit to v0.93 and TilemapKit++ to v0.75. Specifically Cocos2d-x users should consider updating (or buying) TK++ v0.75 as it now has most of the features of the ObjC version. You may also want…

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TilemapKit++ (Cocos2d-x) now runs on Windows

Not that bad for a day of work. So this is TilemapKit++ running on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2015 (Community) and Cocos2d-x v3.8. The semi-transparancy is intentional (and correct). An update for the current…

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TilemapKit Render Size Demonstration

This video was recorded with the work-in-progress port of TilemapKit++ for Cocos2d-x. It illustrates how “render size” (draw only visible tiles) works.