Support Document

Indie Licenses Support

Please search the Forum if you have a support request. If you can’t find a solution please don’t hesitate to write a new post.

We also try to provide support for SpriteKit, Cocos2D, Tiled and general programming issues as much as possible.

Professional Licenses Support

Professional License holders may request support by email, in particular if the issue is sensitive (ie includes confidential information).

You may also request Instant Messaging (Skype or Google Hangouts preferred) support if the issue is better solved interactively. If you don’t mind, a remote desktop session via TeamViewer would also be an option.

Note: This kind of private support should be constrained to matters that are indeed private or confidential. Questions and suggestions of general interest should still be posted on the forum so others can chime in or benefit from the answers.

Influencing the Roadmap

TilemapKit is as much a service as it is a product. Therefore we have this public roadmap where you can vote on suggestions, or make your own suggestions.