TilemapKit++  v0.81
Tilemap Game Development Framework
Welcome to TilemapKit++

TilemapKit++ is the C++ version of TilemapKit for Objective-C.

Installation Instructions

  • Add the TilemapKit code to your project
  • Update the "Header Search Path" (or "Include Directories", depending on compiler) build setting and point it to the TilemapKit source folders
  • Build & Run

Minimal code sample to load and display a tilemap with Cocos2d-x (assumes the TMX file is in the project's resources folder):

TK::MapNode* mapNode = TK::MapNode::createWithFile("Ortho1.tmx");

Programming Guide

The programming guide is found within the Objective-C documentation: http://tilemapkit.com/class-reference/html/index.html

It currently doesn't include C++ examples but it should still help you get started. Please don't hesitate to ask for C++ code samples if some code doesn't translate easily. The guide will eventually be updated to include C++ samples.