TilemapKit ObjC Source
(SpriteKit, Cocos2D)


The TilemapKit Objective-C Source Code License allows you to develop orthogonal, isometric, staggered isometric and hexagonal tilemap games with either SpriteKit or Cocos2D (-SpriteBuilder or -ObjC).

TilemapKit apps can be developed in Objective-C or Swift 1.2 and newer, for iOS 8.0, OS X 10.9, tvOS 9 and newer.

What can you do with TilemapKit?

  • Render Ortho, Iso and Hex maps, including all their variations.
  • Create pathfinding graphs(currently requires GameplayKit)
  • Use normal-mapped tileset textures for realistic lighting.
  • Play tile animations, synchronised or asynchronous (per coordinate).
  • Use “Collection of Images” tilesets, and optionally pack images into a texture atlas.
  • Perform any coordinate conversion you’ll ever need.
  • Easily create Physics Collision Shapes.
  • Easily create Nodes from Objects and Tiles.
  • Assign Tiled properties directly to class instances.
  • Read and write TMX files, and access/modify all TMX data at runtime.
  • Avoid rendering artifacts, use tile stretching and position clamping to get rid of nasty lines.
  • Render even complex, multi-layered maps with excellent performance (multi-threaded, optimised renderer).
  • Use high resolution tileset images. No need to make copies of the TMX file.
  • Compatible with ObjC/Swift/C/C++ and Apple TV!
  • Ready to use for SpriteKit and Cocos2D-SpriteBuilder/-ObjC (formerly: cocos2d-iphone). Looking for the Cocos2d-x version?
  • Outstanding support and frequent updates. TilemapKit quickly adds support for the latest Tiled features.
  • … and a lot more is already taken care of by TilemapKit. Should there still be something missing, let us know. We provide support and updates swiftly.

To learn TilemapKit in greater detail, please look over the TilemapKit documentation and class reference.

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Buy TilemapKit Objective-C Source Code

 TilemapKit for SpriteKitTilemapKit for Cocos2D

$75.00 – Indie Excluding 0% tax

$175.00 – Pro Excluding 0% tax

$75.00 – Indie Excluding 0% tax

$175.00 – Pro Excluding 0% tax

Source Code
Orthogonal Maps
Isometric Maps
Staggered Iso. Maps
Hexagonal Maps
LanguagesSwift & Obj-CSwift & Obj-C
Min. TargetsiOS 8 / OS X 10.9iOS 8 / OS X 10.9

Please contact us via contact@tilemapkit.com if you have questions or other feedback, or would like to apply for a volume/site license or educational discount.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with TilemapKit within 30 days you can request a full refund without specifying a reason.

Is there a Trial?

Yes. The trial usually lags behind development a bit. The trial includes TilemapKit as prebuilt binary framework and is intended for evaluation purposes only.

Get the TilemapKit trial versions here:
TilemapKit Trial for SpriteKit
TilemapKit Trial for Cocos2D

SpriteKit vs Cocos2D

TilemapKit Objective-C source code is compatible with both SpriteKit and Cocos2D (both: Cocos2D-SpriteBuilder and Cococs2D-ObjC) game engines.

Buying the engine-specific edition simply eases project integration and lets us know which of the two engines are more popular. The TilemapKit code is the same for both editions.

Note: A version for Cocos2D-X is in early access at 33% off (until October 30th). Click the link to buy the Cocos2d-x version.


One License per Developer. Change quantity on checkout to purchase multiple licenses.

  • Indie: Forum support only. Available to individuals and companies with a yearly revenue and funding of less than $100,000 for use in their self-owned projects.
  • Professional (Pro): Forum and private messaging  (email, IM) support. Required if yearly revenue or funding exceeds $100,000, or if TilemapKit is used to build an app furnished for others (eg contract work).

All licenses include 1 year of updates and support.

Download Contents

After purchasing this product, you will receive the following:

  • TilemapKit’s entire Objective-C source code with support for both engines (SpriteKit and Cocos2D).
  • Example projects for both iOS and Mac, each with Swift and Objective-C example code.
  • HTML and Xcode (.docset) documentation (also available online).