Entity Component Systems Shootout: EntityX, Anax, Artemis (C++)

I tried out the three most popular Entity Component Systems (EntityX, Anax, Artemis-Cpp) and am now ready to report how they compare to each other. I will also share some benchmark results obtained simply by…

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TilemapKit: what’s next?

The TilemapKit port to C++/Cocos2d-x is mostly complete, with only some fringe features missing. I’m confident that by early November TilemapKit v1.0 will be released. Then what? First things first I’m currently porting the Objective-C (SpriteKit,…

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TilemapKit++ (Cocos2d-x) now runs on Windows

Not that bad for a day of work. So this is TilemapKit++ running on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2015 (Community) and Cocos2d-x v3.8. The semi-transparancy is intentional (and correct). An update for the current…

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TilemapKit Render Size Demonstration

This video was recorded with the work-in-progress port of TilemapKit++ for Cocos2d-x. It illustrates how “render size” (draw only visible tiles) works.

Take the TilemapKit Survey and Receive a 20% Discount

Please take the TilemapKit survey (10 questions). At the end you’ll receive a coupon code that will apply a 20% discount to your cart in the TilemapKit Store. The code is valid until 01/01/2016. Thank you…

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TilemapKit runs on Apple TV! :)

The SpriteKit version of TilemapKit runs on Apple TV without any hitches. The screenshot to the right was taken in the Apple TV Simulator. I’m still working on getting Cocos2D to work with Apple TV. As…

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