Resources for Tilemap Development

Developing TilemapKit has had me browse the Internet for various Tilemap-related topics. Here I’d like to present you with the outstanding findings, separated into categories.

Tools for Designing Tilemaps

Universal Tilemap Editors worth looking into:

  • Tiled Map Editor – popular cross-platform, open source Tilemap editor whose native file format is TMX.
  • tIDE – Windows Tilemap editor written in XNA with TMX support.
  • iTileMaps – TMX compatible tilemap editor for iPad, but without hexagonal tilemap support.
  • DAME editor – Cross-platform (Adobe Air) tilemap editor with custom Lua exporter scripting, but no TMX support.

Notable mentions, perhaps for special use cases:

Here’s a list of tilemap editors which includes several niche (possibly outdated / discontinued) tilemap editors.

Tilemap Resources: Best Orthogonal (rectangular) Tilesets for Tilemaps
Best Orthogonal (rectangular) Tilesets for Tilemaps

Tileset Images for Tilemaps

A lot of tilesets can be found on

We maintain three lists for the best tilesets in each category, including only tilesets which allow commercial use (that’s 99% of them anyway).

Here’s a list of orthogonal and isometric tilesets that support Tiled’s terrain feature.

Tiled Tutorials & Documentation

Tiled is by far the most popular tilemap editor. Sometimes information is hard to come by however. This warrants a special section dedicated to learning and making the most of Tiled.

Trigonometry & Technology for Tilemappers

You do not need to know/learn the items below if you are using TilemapKit! These resources are included as convenience for those who would like to write their own renderer. And those curious about the mathematical concepts behind TilemapKit or tilemaps in general.

Image Attributions

Some screenshots show the open-source Tiled Map Editor. Some images in TilemapKit and on this website are from

Here’s a full list of OpenGameArt authors/contributors, licenses and source links for the images used by TilemapKit.

Please let us know if you notice any images that may have missing or incorrect attributions, thank you.